Super Soft Baby Swaddle Wraps

Swaddling just got easier!

New! DaisyGro Baby Swaddle Wraps

For thousands of years Mothers have swaddled their babies for its comforting effects. Swaddled babies can experience less anxiety allowing them to feel calmer. This can be a fantastic sleep remedy for your baby and today's parents!

Wrap your baby in 3 easy steps! The swaddle wraps have wings which can be adjusted to the size of your baby. This will ensure a snug fit creating a womb like feeling for your newborn to help them sleep more soundly.

Beautifully Designed for your Baby

As with all DaisyGro products, the swaddle wraps are beautifully packaged making them a lovely baby shower gift. Suitable for babies 0-3 months and 7-14lbs, each pack contains 3 wraps made from soft, breathable cotton with their own stylish unisex design.

  • 100% Super Soft Luxury
  • Fantastic Sleep Remedy
  • Easy to Use with Quick Guide supplied with each purchase
  • Adjustable and Secure
  • Lifetime Guarantee

How to Use your Swaddle Wrap

How to Swaddle Wrap Step 1

Step 1

Open the swaddle into a 'T' shape. Align baby's shoulders with the top of open wrap. Tuck baby's legs inside bottom pouch. Lift tab at top of leg pouch.

How to Swaddle Wrap Step 2

Step 2

Fold the left side over baby's body securing to tab on leg pouch and tuck under the left arm.

How to Swaddle Wrap Step 3

Step 3

Fold right side over and attach the 2 tabs to the fabric patch. Adjust if needed.

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Where to Buy

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Printable Instructions
Important Safety Instructions
Care Instructions

Your Important Safety Instructions

Ensure your baby's hips can move and the swaddle is firmly wrapped but not too tight. Baby's legs should be able to move into a 'frog like' position and not be held straight. Always place babies on their backs to sleep and monitor whilst sleeping to ensure baby does not roll over or overheat. Suitable for babies 0-3 months / 7-14lbs. Need more advice?